Friday Favorite

Three Sunflowers inĀ  a Vase by Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh considered himself to be the painter of sunflowers, rightfully so as he is arguably most famous for these paintings. This subject was so dear to Van Gogh, who described them as a symphony of yellow and blue, that in a way they can be seen as a self portrait of him.

Once cut sunflowers wither fast so Van Gogh had to work quickly to capture what he saw. Here we see the transition of the sunflower from upright to nearly drooping. They’re commonly interpreted as signifying the impermanence of life though Van Gogh is quoted as saying that they might represent gratitude.

An alternative explanation is that they carry religious symbolism. Van Gogh’s father was a pastor and Van Gogh tried to follow in his footsteps. The following art blog poetically describes his sunflowers as representative of Van Gogh’s search for sun and pure light as well as a metaphor for his search for God.

Regardless of interpretation, each one of these that he painted is a masterpiece.

Below is an excellent BBC Documentary. It’s a longer video, but for worth watching if you’re a Van Gogh fan.


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