If we are what we eat then that makes me a Washington apple and an Asian pear.

As a child Asian pears were my favorite fruit. I grew up in the East Bay Area in California where we had an Asian pear tree in the backyard and I remember how our German Shepard, Sprite (named after the creatures in Rainbow Brite, not the soft drink), would lay underneath the tree with a pear between two paws and crunch away.

When I grew up, I moved to Washington, famous for its apples and some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. After seven and a half years of living and teaching overseas in Korea, Vietnam and China, my husband Jeff and I have finally moved back home.

Apples and pears represent where I come from, where I am now and who I am – an art student learning the fundamentals one fruit at a time.

In this blog I’ll be posting some of my work from old and new assignments as well as my own independent work.

Friday Favorite posts are where I’ll share works by artists (historic and contemporary) who influence and inspire me. This is a learning and discovery process so please feel free to join me. Your comments of any length are greatly appreciated!

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