Guy with a ponytail

Guy with pony tail


These two photos show what a difference lighting can make when taking pictures of drawings/paintings. The image above was taken with a Canon Rebel DLSR (a gift from my dad – thank you dad!) and the one below was taken with my MacBook. The bottom picture appears warmer making the paper appear slightly yellow and the pastel slightly redder. The upper picture appears cooler by comparison though the lighting is actually just neutral.

Old man with a hat

oldmanwithahatThis was done last semester using a technique invented by Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec called painting with spirits or “peinture à l’essence” (don’t ask me to say it). It involves using oils on cardboard or paperboard as both a painting surface and palette. The board absorbs the oils and the paint dries fast so you have to work quickly. Because the paint dries so rapidly turpenoid (or odorless mineral spirits) is needed to add some moisture back into the paint.