Female figure study


This is an assignment done with vine and charcoal pencil on toned paper. Last semester I was fortunate to have a talented instructor whose work I admire. Figure drawing is both challenging and rewarding and I’m looking forward to more practice.

10 thoughts on “Female figure study

  1. What is vine mate? I’m not arty so the only thing I can think of is like a little plant (grape vine etc), but that doesn’t make sense. Did you also use it on your ear study as well, or am I jumping to conclusions because they’re sort of similar colours?

    • I had never heard of vine charcoal either until I started taking classes. It's similar to willow if you know what that is. If not, here's a pic of what it looks like:

      It's good for toning the paper and blending. Some people use it for sketching or laying in the shadows which in my opinion adds a beautiful richness to a drawing, but I don't like doing this because I feel like I lose a lot of information in the process (vine is soft and gets messy). I'd rather build up the values with pencil. This was done in black on gray toned paper, but because the light in the room was warm, it turned the paper more orange than it really is. This is a good example of how much the temperature of the light bulb can affect the colors we see in an image. I took some photos under more neutral lighting, but the camera pushed the value of the paper lighter making those images appear as if they were drawn on light paper instead of middle value toned paper. Digital cameras can reduce the number of values by making the lights appear lighter and darks appear darker.

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