Red apple with red pot

Red apple with pot

Some practice using reds (terra rosa, cadmium, alizarin) with a full palette. First semester I painted the apple and pot together, but at the time it was a monochrome painting using only terra rosa, ivory black and titanium white. So I wanted to try it again with a full palette this time. I haven’t used ivory black in a long time. Something close to black is created by mixing ultramarine and brown madder (usually I use burnt umber), basically a dark blue and a dark brown.

I usually use bristle brushes in varying sizes as well as softer brushes for blending. This time I used some new brushes I grabbed at the store, nylon brights. In general I like the squarer shape of brights and the strokes they make on the canvas, but as expected these nylon brushes create much smoother, less expressive strokes. So I have mixed feelings about the result.

6 thoughts on “Red apple with red pot

  1. I understand your mixed feelings. Brushstrokes are your signature and changing this can cause mixed feelings. I liked your brushstrokes because they were you and I could select your painting from 10 non-Kimberleys. Having said that, change isn’t always bad. From what I have learned, brushstrokes should be neat but not overly neat, because the painting loses its signature and gets a digital feel.

    • I know what you mean about paintings looking digital when the brushstrokes are too neat which is something I want to avoid. It’s all about finding that balance. Balance and using opposites effectively come into play with painting and drawing so in that way it’s very zen.

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