Female head profile and ear study


Last semester I took Head Drawing with William Maughan, a challenging, but rewarding course.   It was a privilege to learn from someone so talented and accomplished. We used his book, which I found to be a wonderful resource and I know I’ll be referring to it in future practice.

The drawing below was done as part of a unit on ears so I’ve included my ear practice drawings above. These are done primarily with a red/brown pastel pencil (stabilo carbothello) on toned paper. I used a titanium white pastel pencil for the highlights.



8 thoughts on “Female head profile and ear study

  1. Very skillfull. Well done shiny with dull crayons. I applaud your work.

    I now see ugly ads added to your posts. If you are in doubt, trust me, your blog deserves it to be free of ugly advertisements.

  2. The ear – and the rest of the head – looks fantastic mate! Am I reading it right in that it’s just the one colour of pencil, with pressure changing the colouration? Even if not, it’s still a fine piece of work

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