Friday Favorite

Dance of Eternal Love by Toshi Yoshida

There are so many beautiful paintings and photographs of cranes, but I like this painting in particular because it captures the aptly named dance of eternal love so well.  It reminds me of Van Gogh who was influenced by Japanese art, even though it was painted in 1970, eight decades after Van Gogh’s passing.

Most people close to us know that Jeff and I have a soft spot for cranes, even after folding 1,000 origami ones for our wedding. As symbols of loyalty, honor and longevity we thought they would be the perfect symbol for our marriage and had a pair carved onto our rings. If you haven’t seen them dance it’s worth watching the video below. They actually bow to each other beforehand. Their dance is full of beauty, grace, and tension reminding me of a tango. Though cranes are an idealized symbol for our partnership, I think in reality we behave more like plump little lovebirds, pecking at each other as we bicker and then hugging as we makeup.

How about you? What creature or symbol represents your ideal(s)?


Technically it’s Saturday here in Guangzhou, but it’s still Friday in America. We had people over I stayed up later than I expected playing board games (definitely worth it). Friday Favorite posts are where I share paintings and drawings I like. To see more Friday Favorites, click here.

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