4 Vases

4 vases

It was a challenging semester and I was out of my comfort zone for most of it which is good (though it didn’t always feel that way) because I was pushed harder than I would have pushed myself and I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made and how much I’ve learned about portrait and figure drawing. I’ll be posting some of my work from the semester soon once I get organized and make some last minute adjustments.

Since I want to be a daily painter (realistically for me that means painting on weekdays about 4-5 small paintings a week), I’m going to use the break for practice and aim for about 3-4 small paintings of simple subjects/week. This should give me time to continue figure and portrait drawing practice and a chance to work on other projects.

Unfortunately I’m a little slow out the gate so this one took me a bit longer than a day to finish, but here’s the first one.

A wise old Greek philosopher once said, “We are what we repeatedly practice.” So with that in mind, it’s back to the easel with me.

20 thoughts on “4 Vases

    • It’s one I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now, but not one I would do for class because they encourage us to have a variety of shapes, sizes and spacing so placing all four vases of the same size in a row like this wouldn’t fly. However, I’m a fan of repetition and am glad I finally got to paint this.

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  2. That’s a great attitude to have mate. Do you intend to finish four paintings a day, or just paint four days a week? Either way, I look forward to the increased artwork

    • I meant do you intend to complete each painting in a day (so four completed paintings in a week), or just work on painting in general four days a week (possibly with no finished painting, if it is a big one)? You said this one took a bit longer than a day to finish, so does that means it counts as one or two. Just wondering how many great pictures we’re going to get to see

  3. Very well done, Kimberly. It is such joy to see your progress, ideas, art lessons, your ambitions. Your blog shows your creative mind in paintings and ideas. You are doing very well and I admire you because of that.

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