Friday Favorite

Midlife Crisis by Eileen Sorg

Last summer Jeff and I were wandering around downtown Poulsbo and we popped into an art gallery store on Front Street where I encountered Eileen Sorg’s prints and greeting cards. Immediately I was drawn to her whimsical style and sense of humor. I love the witty scenes she sets up with mischievous critters. According to her website she uses mostly color pencil along with “ink, pastel and watercolor applied for added depth.”

To see more of her work visit her website or check out her blog.


Friday Favorite posts are where I share art (mostly paintings and drawings) that inspires me. To see more Friday Favorites, click here.

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorite

  1. I had a look at the work of Eileen Sorg and I like her sense of humour. Technically she seems to be very skilful. And I like how she breaks away from cliché coloured pencil subjects.
    Nice post, Kimberly!

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