Friday Favorite

Still Life Revolving by Remedios Varo

Remedios Varo was a Spanish-Mexican surrealist. I believe this is the last painting she completed before she passed away in 1963.

I like the contrast between the lines that divide the background space versus the circles and sphere shapes we see from the table, plates and fruit in the center. The space is both fragmented and whole. The fruit and plates revolve around the candle like planets orbiting the sun. Though this is not a realistic scene, it is presented in a realistic and convincing way which is something I’d like to see in my own work someday.


Friday Favorite posts are where I share art that inspires me. To see more Friday Favorites, click here.

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorite

  1. Wow, nice mate! I love it. Are you going to stick with painters with your Friday Favourites since that’s the medium you’re working in, or are you also going to give us a glimpse into your preferences in other fields too?

    • I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of paintings/painters that inspire me. Because it’s the medium I’m working in, I’ll probably stick to painters for awhile now. There’s are all kinds of awesome art in other mediums, but they don’t have as much influence over me and what I’m trying to do. The purpose of Friday Favorites is for me to pick pieces that have elements that I might want to incorporate into my own work someday and for now that means focusing on paintings. Later on once I feel I’ve covered all the painters I admire, I might move on to other fields.

  2. Kim, please more on Still Life Revolving by Remedios Varo. It gives me a religious feeling; the background looks like a Medieval church and the astronomical scene conflicts with the Medieval perception of the universe. There is so much in this painting. Thank you for showing it.

    • I’m glad you like! Remedios Varo’s work has a supernatural feel to it that might be intended as more spiritual than religious. Her work contains elements of mysticism and magic as well as powerful symbolism, though the interpretation of those symbols is not always clear to me. I don’t know much about her and wish I knew more. I think it’s part of the mystery that makes her more intriguing!

  3. Wow, that’s a composition in motion! I see so much action in this it’s difficult to stay a while to study. There seems to be no focus center…my eye goes everywhere…interesting painter

    • It’s possible she was going for an all over pattern rather than a specific focus, but my eye is drawn to the center near the candle and green piece of fruit (different from all the others which are in red/orange hues). But from there it seems to move in a circular/elliptical motion, up and then spiraling down. This may not be intended or the “correct” path. Often when trying to locate primary and secondary focal points and paths for the eye, it’s not always the same as what’s intended or what others see.

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