Friday Favorite

Wheatfield with Cypress Tree by Vincent Van Gogh

I have many favorites, but Van Gogh has always been my all time favorite artist. His work is what originally got me interested in painting. As I grow and discover new artists and styles, I always return to his work for inspiration. I love so many of his paintings and he has such a wide body of work that there is no doubt I will be posting more from him in the future.

With Van Gogh precision and accuracy are not his focus. He uses bold, rapid and expressive strokes to capture what he sees in the moment and by doing so he is able to uniquely capture the feeling and essence of his subject.

In art school we’re learning how to paint and draw with greater accuracy, but personal style and rhythm is something that they cannot teach us and is something we have to develop on our own.

For me, Van Gogh’s work represents a triumph of the kind of individual expression that cannot be taught in a class, but must be learned through self discovery and experimentation.


Friday Favorite posts are where I share works by artists who influence and inspire me. To see more Friday Favorites, click here. Spring semester has started so I’ve been busy with assignments and missed posting last week. Though this week’s post is a day late, better late than never. Sticking to a schedule is challenging for me, but I’m trying!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite

    • He is wonderful at using contrasting values and colors in a harmonious way. His life is very tragic, but his passion for painting was so deep I like to think that it gave him some comfort and solace. I admire how he was able to channel his energy into his painting. I wonder what his work would like if he had a happier life.

    • I agree that having a strong foundation to build upon is important and will help an artist become more confident. Van Gogh didn’t start painting until he was an adult, but he started drawing as a child so perhaps that was his foundation. I can get so caught up in whether my circles and ellipse are just right and being able to construct basic shapes accurately in perspective is important. It’s exactly what I need here and now. But learning those things can only take me so far. Van Gogh serves as a personal and motivational reminder that art school is only part of the journey and that there’s a much longer journey beyond.

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