Friday Favorite

Fallow Fields by Wayne Thiebaud

I love Wayne Thiebaud’s work! Whatever subject he paints, he does so in a fun and refreshing way that offers the viewer a new perspective. His landscape paintings make me look at landscapes differently.

This piece is bright, but not overwhelming. It feels both peaceful and energetic at the same time. I see a connection to his earlier paintings of cakes and desserts. Organic curves and geometric lines move the eye through an edible landscape flowing with rivers of icing.


Friday Favorite posts are where I share works by artists who influence and inspire me. To see more Friday Favorites, click here.

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite

  1. It is nice to see which artist inspires you. I see the same focus on daily pictures and objects, shadows, and colour use. You are a wonderful apprentice to Wayne Thiebaud. Make sure you outgrow him in the long run!

  2. Oh, yeah, love his stuff. So juicy and tactile! Saw a great show of his work in Kansas City some years back, and a fair amount on various San Francisco trips. Never tire of his distinctive treatment of subjects that are favorites of mine too.

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