Dad Color Study


my dad

In this color study, I used a complimentary color scheme with muted tints, shades and tones. Though these color studies are tedious, they’re simple to do. Anyone can do one by posterizing a photo with photo editing software, printing out a line only version and filling in the shapes with gouache or some other kind of paint.

9 thoughts on “Dad Color Study

    • Hm…perhaps I should replace simple with straightforward. The process is not complicated, however the execution, the painting of the value shapes can be painstaking and time consuming. It was definitely a labor of love. If I had been painting a stranger, I’m not sure I would have had the patience. This process can be applied to any image, subjects that yield simpler shapes. Always fun when the drawing/painting/subject starts to take form.

    • I think so too, but for some reason growing up all my friends (especially boyfriends) were intimidated by him. He’s tall, sometimes silent and sometimes appears stern to others, but this kind smiling face is how I’ve always thought of him (except when I got in trouble) 😉

  1. That came out really well mate! I often use such filtering to get pictures the kids can colour in. Your painting looks great, almost like a monochromatic photo (which I guess in a way it is). Did you do the same thing with your header and picture, or were they all done in Photoshop instead of by hand?

  2. The muted tones do give it a monochromatic effect, especially in the scan/photo. There are very subtle hints of color in the original that don’t show up digitally.

    To answer your question, one of the images in the header is a processed painting and the rest are photos. I used an online “Warholizer” app (after Andy Warhol) which is similar to posterizing in photoshop. Got to see his paintings in Hong Kong and am becoming a fan of pop art.

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