Cassie Color Study

CassieMy adorable niece Cassie

This is a color study that uses an analogous color scheme (colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel) of green, turquoise and primary blue. It was done by posterizing a photo in PhotoShop, printing out the line only version on Bristol paper and filling in the values with gouache. Gouache is a new medium for me, but I’m starting to like it even though it can be a bit temperamental. This was fun to do and a good way to study color that goes beyond making charts and scales, which can get quite repetitive.


My apologies for being way behind on my blog reading. I’ve been busy with assignments, but look forward to catching up with everyone!

4 thoughts on “Cassie Color Study

    • I agree it’s a great way to test color schemes and anyone can do it. I’m an Andy Warhol fan so the posterizing effect we see here appeals to me, but after working on a more complex portrait assignment (which I’ll probably post later), this paint by numbers approach is becoming so tedious!

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