13 thoughts on “Stuffed Elephant

  1. Very sweet indeed. I agree with elanacaravela that the deep shadow and the tense look in the elephant’s eye forecast danger. Therefore this makes a wonderful illustration for a book, like ‘How a sweet, tiny elephant found a way to deal with his children’s fears for big monsters’. 🙂
    Did you use oil? Or acrylic paint? It is nice to see the neat brush strokes.

    • It’s funny that you picked up on the message of confronting fears! I don’t always put as much thought into the meaning or interpretation of what I paint, but this particular one was used as part of a paper for an art and ideology class I took last semester. In the paper I mentioned that the edge of the table represents a boundary and what exists beyond it is unknown. We don’t know how tall the table is or how far the drop will be so moving beyond it seems dangerous. However, if the elephant does, what it will find will be much greater than what currently exists on the empty table top.

      I used oils for this. I haven’t done much with acrylic. Oil seems to be my medium of choice so far.

  2. I love the look of this one, and agree with the opinion it looks like an illustration from a children’s book. Have you had the elephant for long/many countries, or is it purely a figment of your imagination that you conjured onto the canvas?

  3. The eye grabbed my attention and the closer I look, the more it draws me in! Absolutely lovely little piece! The pinstripe ears are pretty darn cool too! What is the actual size of this piece?

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