Friday Favorite

Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud

oil on canvas, 1963

Wayne Thiebaud is one of my favorite painters for several reasons. The texture he creates through his application of thick paint brings his paintings to life and I have to resist the urge to eat the canvas. His arrangements have a geometric quality to them and he uses repetition and different points of view to create truly unique compositions.

When I see his work I feel happy and grateful for the simple pleasures in life. In this short video, he comes across as a humble well grounded person with a sense of humor. In his words, “If we don’t have a sense of humor, we lack a sense of perspective.”

Go here to see more of his yummy cake paintings at CreativityFuse.

Below is a short video featuring Wayne Thiebaud and his work:


Friday Favorites are where I will share works by artists (historic and contemporary) who influence and inspire me. This Friday Favorite was posted on a Monday, but in the future I’ll try to stick to the schedule!

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