Cherry Coke Monster


Cherry Coke Monster

I painted this for Jeff (mostly) several years ago while we were living in Guangzhou, China. He really loves diet coke, but at the time it was harder to find than coke zero. So Jeff developed an appreciation for coke zero and here we have a can of it with the labeling in Chinese.

Jeff doesn’t especially like cherries, but I liked how they filled up the negative space in the bottom right so there they are. I like how Domo Kun is staring out as if he is looking at someone we can’t see in the painting. Like he knows he has been caught right as he was about to devour this can.

Domo Kun for Bryan

Domo Kun for Bryan

I painted this a few years ago for our friend Bryan while we were living in China. Bryan’s in Poland now and the painting is with him so I couldn’t post a more detailed image, but you get the idea. Bryan loves Domo Kun, skittles, and root beer. He also loves his wife and daughter, but they weren’t there when Domo Kun posed for this painting ;D

Guy with a ponytail

Guy with pony tail


These two photos show what a difference lighting can make when taking pictures of drawings/paintings. The image above was taken with a Canon Rebel DLSR (a gift from my dad – thank you dad!) and the one below was taken with my MacBook. The bottom picture appears warmer making the paper appear slightly yellow and the pastel slightly redder. The upper picture appears cooler by comparison though the lighting is actually just neutral.